About Us

At Let’s get it Om we set out to create beautiful high performing cork yoga mats made from only natural, non toxic materials. 


Our mats sit beautifully on your floor and look so good you won’t want to roll them up and put them away. We think this in itself will help you to deepen your practise and inspire you to do a little bit more every day, and what could be better than that. 


Our mats are made from sustainable cork and natural rubber and are kind to the planet. They are a great alternative to the synthetic PVC mass market mats. They also offer a big step up in performance and hygiene over traditional yoga mats.
Cork has incredible natural antibacterial and anti microbial properties, bacteria, viruses and fungi can’t survive on it. Cork contains compounds called phenolics which kill bacteria and fungus. Read about it here.
This means a Lets Get it Om cork mat is naturally self-cleaning, the only maintenance it needs is the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. 
Cork offers a natural, warm nourishing place for your practice. It feels great on bare skin. It has a smooth non sticky soft texture and its hypoallergenic qualities make it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. Our cork surface is particularly high performing in hot yoga giving you greater absorbency and more grip and traction (eliminating the need for mat towels). This is because the cork surface has a unique texture that is both elastic and firm with millions of tiny air bubbles inside each cork cell that act to cushion and rebound weight. By absorbing energy on impact It keeps you stable on your mat, supporting you in even the most demanding postures. 
Our chakra design seemed to feel right as our launch product and every mat comes with a simple chakra meditation paper wrap to inspire you to think about opening your chakras when you are doing your practice. We love our mats, we hope you will too.
Watch out for more exciting designs coming soon.